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 Respected Ramachary sir, We, as parents of Shanmukha feel that it is our poorva janma sukrutham to step into LMA.We thanku for giving an oppurtunity to Shanmukha to be a part of this prestegious academy.
 Hi Sir, Its nice to see LMA website. I am swetha from banglore,right now in US.I am progressing in my career but not able to continue with music,i will be really happy if i can get in touch with LMA students in US.I heard saraswathi is in US and she is teaching music.Help me to get in touch with her. Thank you.
 I like Little Musicians Academy.You are my god sir.
 Sri Ramachary garu, We the parents of SWETHA PONNAPALLI (LMA student, B/B+) browsed thru the newly created "Little Musicians Academy website" (Simply Marvelous!!!) and found it to be very informative and interesting. Thanks for creating/designing this which surely helps not only the students but also who's interested in Music. Thanks for storing the Videos and Lyrics in this site, which are accessible to all. We truly appreciate you for providing FREE training in Music to the children and contributing
Saradhi Ponnapalli
 This class is very intresting and me as a daughter of Ramachary sir i am feeling very happy I am not feeling like a daughter but as a student I am learning so-many useful things for my singing and LMA is my favorate place ever i visited so I as a student i am very fortunate ......... LMA .......... ..... L ....... M ....... A ......
 Sir, Congruatulations. Yamini CD Swaramrutam release programme dt.21-11-10 is grand success under you guidance i.e., order of programme, Comments of Dr si.naa.re are excellent we are very happy to say to enjoy the excellent programme yesterday night. - jagadeesh nemani
 Ramachary garu meeru chestunna e kala seva abhutam anirvachaneeyam, naaku kuda samgeetam amte pranam , emka maremdaro gayanee gayakulanu teerchididdalani asistu SARVEJANA SUKHINOBHAVANTHU
 Dear Ramachari garu, It is indeed a great achievement for Satya Yamini for having released an Audio C.D at the age of 14, with all your support and guidance. We are really proud of her. it is all happened because of your blessings, hope you would extend the same co-operation in future also. Thanks once again, Parents of Satya Yamini
 Hi everybody, I would like to share my feelings with all of you. Recently we attended my nephew's marriage. In that function," when the bride's parents are sending their daughter to bridegroom's house", Chy.Shanmukha sang "AMMA DONGA NINNU CHOODAKUNTE....." song. By the time he completed the song,everybody's eyes were filled with tears. They all appreciated Shanmukha and gave blessings. All this credit goes to Sri.Ramachary Sir. We, being parents of Shanmukha, are very much thankful to Sri.Ramachary Sir
Prabhakar Mallacheruvu - Khammam
 I am very inspired of kamalkiran's program and his atitude . He is a multy talented boy He is a all rounder ie. he knew violen, mouth organ, keyboard, karate etc he is my real inspiration and he is an extraordinary person I thank LMA for organising such great program - INSPIRATION thanq LMA
 Dear Ramachary Sir, The INSPIRATION programme was really a good delight to eyes and ears. Children got motivated as well as parents. We all were overwhelmed with joy to be a part of it as LMA members. Kamalkiran's parents are lucky to be blessed with a marvellous & wonderful kid. we thank u very much sir for giving us opportunity to have a glimpse of good & well brought up child who inspired lots and lots of people. MAY GOD BLESS him in his future endeavours - Subhashini Raghav
 respected viewrs... this is srikanth raja(raju)...(batch.3) really iam very very luckky to be one of the student of l.m.a.. really im very very proud to be an lma student..no words can say about "ramachari"sir's greatness.. really...my l.m.a is just not for music| its for communication skills, and personality development classes also...
srikanth raja (raju)
 రామాచారి గారు , సంగీత లోకానికి మీరు అందిస్తున్న సేవలు అనిర్వచనీయం మీ దాంపత్య జీవితం
Yamala Kiran, Vizag
 Dear Ramachary garu, Hi ! This is Aishwarya Addepalli. I have attended your 2011 LMA class in Dallas this year. I miss you and your class very much. When you left, it felt like a close family member just left our home. I wish you could stay and teach everyday. You are such an inspiration to me and I learned a lot from you. I will continue to sing and learn new songs using your lessons and tips. Please let me know what we should improve on. You were the best guru that i have ever learnt from and Thank
Aishwarya Addepalli, Dallas
 i love lma in which i am a member of it and also chary sir. thank you sir to approach me and teach all good thing in life so thank you so so much much
 Sri Ramachary sir garu, We, the parents of LMA student (New admission) are really moved after personally attending your Sunday Music classes. Though I learnt a little music from my childhood and have some knowledge,still We have felt that some great happiness, never experienced before, has engulfed our lives in these two-three classes itself. We are in fact, waiting all the six week days for one sunday. We are really happy that our kid, apart from becoming a good singer (with your blessings sir, )will f
Sreelakshmi upendram
 My family got more than 400 family friends to talk, share and enjoy with, My daughter got more than 400 brothers & sisters to share, I got a good sister, Sujatha, the perfect guide and a good counsellor. Whenever I am in distress, she is available to hear and console. Whenever I am happy - she is ready to enjoy the moment. Now I am in a "ummadi kutumbam" - "Vasudhaika Kutumbam" - No caste, no religion, no status, no differences. ONLY MUSIC - Whenever any child is performing, winning or celebrating - w
Raghav Hyderabad
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The activities of LMA are being conducted in congested rented accommodation. Nearly 300 children from the twin cities and adjoining districts are attending classes. There is an urgent need for own accommodation which is permanent and spacious. This will enable us to provide a Hall for training, Library, office etc. We propose to buy a flat for this purpose.

Long term requirement
To construct

A free residential music school for talented children from economically and socially backward sections.

Funds for chronicling, production and preserving the various activities of the academy.

Provide financial and medical assistance; build clinics, hospitals and old age homes for the benefit of the poor and needy musicians.

Chronicle and preserve our traditional music in various forms and literature in the form of audio and audio - visual forms and publications. Maintain a library of such material.

A noble cause of these proportions cannot be achieved without champions who are convinced about its objectives. We appeal for your moral and financial support in this regard.

All donations and contributions in the form of cheques, demand drafts etc may be addressed in favour of Little Musicians Academy and sent to the following address:

Little Musicians Academy,
c/o K.Ramachary,
Flat No 7, First Floor, HIG Block 4,
A.P Housing Board Colony, Baghlingampally,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India Pin: 500044.
Mobile: 9246542427 9246242427

All the contributions and donations made to LMA, will be eligible for IT exemption under
1. IT U/S 12A (Permanent Exemption)
2. IT U/S 80G (5) and (VI) of IT Act 1961. Valid from 17-2-2007 to 31-3-2010